The new fact (or not so) in computer science field is data. Indeed, today we hear advent of some new expressions like “data thinking” that proves the wish to debate on this one. We all know Business intelligence that has almost 60 years since Hans Peter Luhn, a german computer scientist, has defined it. But nowadays, we notice some jobs that get their flight on problematics that can’t be handled by BI’s resolutions, in addition to the digital transaction.

  • Chief Data Officer

The company that sets some data strategy have to put on the top the (CDO) for the steering and the management. He is in the heart of the digital processing. The (CDO) has to lead the collection of data, to be able to extract the maximum value with, and finally shares them between other  departments of the society. His principal role is to ensure the disponibility of quality data. He’s not a technician but keeps an eye on data problematics met. However, he is a good computer scientist and statistician. The CDO manages data science and data analysis by defining collections and analysis strategy. He identifies all data sources, be sure of their quality and their  interoperability, organizes data, clarifies and treats them by making them accessible.

  • Data architect

The data architect optimize the strategic goal of the organization. With his expertise about the use of data, the data architecte manages their integration, their centralization and their maintenance on intern and extern side. Indeed, because of different data modele he creates and knows absolutely, he is the pillar of every big data project, he links teams and CDO.

  • Data scientist

Real magician of unstructured data, the data scientist is a programmer who writes algorithms which will serve to extract useful data information from not structured data set. He is often a mathematician who is  converted to an software developer. Data scientist is able to create data models and algorithms to answer many problematics.

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  • Data analyst

He is charged to treat data, analyse and extracted them from a database. The data analyst have been formed on statistics and computer science with a small piece of marketing. His job in the company is:

  • to extract data from defined target
  • analyse those data by using his deep knowledge about statistics
  • drafts reports with indicators that results to the analysis.

Data analyst brings added values to the company by giving response to the stockage of massive data problematics.

  • Data steward

Also named data manager, the data steward daily watch the quality of data and to their match compared to the company’s needs. He must verify that data contain no mistakes then integrates them correctly inside the information system of the organisation, in order to promote informations trafic.

But, he has also a strategic role witch consist to go with the information system’s evolution. The data manager recalls and shares the rules about good behavior in order to manage data structuration and quality, in every department inside the company. He also makes the data miner and data scientist’s job easier, by defining roles and actions applicables on the data

  • Data miner

A data miner have to be able to identify problematics of companies. His principal mission is to collect data in order to answer use case’s problems. Data mining has many application field and allows to develop predictive analysis with mined and analysed data. This technique also allows  to take easy strategic data. The perfect example is receipts analysed on Walmart shop. Indeed, after the treatment, data miners saw that on every saturday afternoon, receipts was composed to beers and layers for babies. Why these products are most bought at this moment is not so important but the fact to be able to satisfy the customers by anticipating their desire is more. So, they can reorganize the big surface’s radius by the way, and optimize the time of purchase. This basic example helps to understand the impact of a data miner.

  • Data protection officer

The DPO watchs the protection of personal data and takes now the place of the computer and freedom correspondent in the organisational chart. He has more and more responsibilities because ensure the realization, the management and the update of stocktaking about different data traitements. Indeed, the DPO ensure that the data collection and their used respects the law of countries where they provide.

The DPO have also to inform and makes aware to business as for personal data traited. He has also to be keeped in touch of every project in course. Companies that use and tread large data need a DPO for.

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